Outdoor landscape modeling lamp: modeling lamp in the city garden lighting

2021-04-07 191

  The outdoor landscape modeling lamp is a very characteristic artistic lamp. It is an indispensable decorative material in the construction of modern urban gardens. It not only has high lighting characteristics, but also has a high appreciation. In modern days China has been widely used by people. Phenomenon lights, also known as decorative lights, have various shapes, a wide variety of light colors, and different brightness of the lights, which have a strong artistic smell inside. Outdoor landscape modeling lights not only require themselves to be highly appreciated , Also emphasizes the harmony between the phenomenon light and the surrounding environment. In the lighting of urban garden lights, outdoor phenomenon lights are often used, and phenomenon lights generally play a decorative and illuminating effect, which is very appreciative.


  The lanterns, lanterns, and courtyard lights in festivals are all classified as phenomenon lights, which are mainly used for lighting and are both appreciative. Phenomenon lights are mostly used in homes, parks, squares, and journeys, and they are an essential part of modern urban lighting projects. Phenomenon lights not only play a lighting effect, but also have a higher appreciation and artistry. Different local needs combined with different phenomenon lighting plans, the phenomenon lights should be in harmony with the scenic area to be decorated, the history and culture of the phenomenon, the surrounding environment, and the architectural style, and use different shapes, colors, and brightness to reflect the phenomenon and atmosphere.

  For example, outdoor phenomenon lights are used to reflect the festive atmosphere. There are various zodiac lights on New Year and Lantern Festival, and there are various lights made according to the characters of ancient legends. People continue to innovate, and the colorful lights used for decoration in festivals can also be combined with sound and light to form dynamic appreciation lights, which are humorous and fascinating.

  The lighting of modern urban garden lights advocates low-carbon environmental protection. Therefore, some local phenomenon lights such as parks and scenic spots should be as soft as possible. In addition to meeting functional requirements, it is also necessary to prevent light pollution as much as possible. The planning should be as concise and generous as possible, and outstanding. The characteristics and aesthetics of the house cannot be overwhelming.

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