Outdoor landscape light manufacturers: can outdoor landscape lights protect against lightning?

2021-04-07 198

  Nowadays, the huge threat facing outdoor LED lighting fixtures is the transient surge events that occur in AC power lines, especially lightning surges, which are likely to damage the fixtures. Nowadays, any LED luminaire includes DC-DC power conversion equipment, LED drivers, heat sinks for thermal control, and optics for optimizing light quality. Lightning surges may cause the internal components or circuits of LED lights directly connected to AC input power (such as 120/220Vac power) to malfunction, thereby damaging the LED lights due to short circuit and overload conditions.

  In recent years, there are many LED outdoor landscape light manufacturers, almost all companies are struggling for cost, and whether an SPD can solve all the surge problems: this is impossible. Lightning protection is a science, a science and a complete industry. It is an illusion to want a medicine to treat all diseases.

  Based on different standards such as electromagnetic field theory, arc theory, electrical contact theory, electrical theory, power distribution, communication theory, signal transmission and processing, advanced mathematics and other academic and theories, how to mix them? There is no comparison.


  We have four levels in the lightning protection industry chain:

  1. Material level;

  2. Component level;

  3. SPD finished product level;

  4. The interface level of the external lightning protection project.

  Since China has developed the lightning protection industry for more than 50 years, this is a complete and mature industry. We have been pursuing the integration of the lightning protection industry and the LED lighting industry, and finally brought reliable protection solutions to the end customers. However, the "cost" of each company executive was sentenced to the death penalty for reasonable lightning protection design.

  Due to the opening and closing actions of nearby electrical equipment, an overvoltage transient surge may occur on the AC power line. Nearby lightning strikes can also cause transient surges on AC power lines, especially in outdoor environments.

  In lightning, the level of electrostatic discharge from clouds to the ground usually reaches millions of volts. A lightning strike that occurs several miles away can induce an induced voltage of thousands of volts on the current-carrying copper wire. These indirect effects are characterized by specific waveforms, which usually contain large amounts of energy in excess of 1000A2s.

  In stormy weather, this type of indirect lightning energy will adversely affect outdoor LED lighting. Under differential mode and common mode conditions, the lamp is easily damaged:

  Differential mode: High voltage/current transients between the phase and neutral terminals of the lamp or between the phase and phase terminals may damage the power supply or components on the LED module board.

  Common mode: High voltage/current transients between the phase line of the lamp and the ground or between the neutral line and the ground may penetrate the safety insulation of the power supply unit or the LED module board, including the insulation of the LED heat sink.

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